Prepositions – Instrumental (Narzędnik)

In the last post, I started covering prepositions which would lead to the use of Genitive (Dopełniacz) case, so in this post I’ll cover the prepositions which would lead you to need to use the Instrumental (Narzędnik) case.  If you’re not too familiar yet with cases, don’t worry, we’ll get to that later, but for now just learn this set of prepositions as a group.  Visualize the connection between their meanings and group them in your mind so that later when you need to, they’ll be associated with each other for you.

You might notice that ‘z’ is repeated again from the Dopełniacz list, but in this case it means something different.  Get used to it!  Quite a few prepositions can mean different things, but you explain what you want them to mean through the choice of case that you apply to the noun.  Right now, don’t worry too much about that, just focus on the words and their extra meanings and I’ll come back to the cases later with examples.

z with
nad above
pod under
przed in front of
za behind
między .. a .. between .. and ..