Prepositions – Genitive (Dopełniacz)

A preposition is simply a word which you use in a sentence to link a noun (a thing or a person) to the rest of the sentence.  For example, a word like With, To, From, Behind, Under, etc…

In Polish, the preposition is one of the things which might decide which case you’re going to need to use for the noun.  In a future post I’m going to give you a nice diagram which helps guide that decision, but for now, lets spell out some of the most common prepositions and what they mean.

Today I’m going to just focus on those which end up requiring the Genitive (Dopełniacz) case.  I will pull the various cases together in a handy diagram in a couple of posts, but for now, it’s worth learning them in distinct groups so they stick in your memory in the same groups.

z from, out, of, with
od from
do to, toward, into
u at someone’s place
bez without
dla for
blisko near
koło near
obok next to
naprzeciwko opposite
podczas during
w czasie during
z powodu because of
zamiast instead of

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